The Compassionate Photography project.

"Here is my secret, A very simple secret. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential, is invisible to the eye"  -The Little Prince

Sarah studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie for Visual Art and Design and was inspired by Magnum photographers Robert Capa and Henri Cartier Bresson. She photographs regularly for The New York Times, the science and health supplement. Her portraits from cross-gender children, looking for a new identity, were published in international newspapers as Scientific American and Huffington Post. Her vision on photography has a strong compassionate engagement. In July 2015 Al Jazeera America filmed the photo project for an audience of 60 million people. Her latest search for compassion, are self-portraits with florals: Soulflower Contemporary. The artworks are purchased by hospitals as healing art, and exhibited in USA and Sydney, Australia. 

Sarah's very first project was a public art exhibition beside the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum, with 3x3 meter billboards about solar energy. The outdoor exhibition made her the focus of international attention. She portrayed the singers Andrea Bocelli and Gino Vanelli for their CD covers. Her first photo book, Sophia's Children was published in 2003. The exhibition was put on show at the Naarden International Photo Festival. 

For the photo book Inside Out / Portraits of Cross-gender Children, Sarah followed a group children for seven years. The portraits were published in The NYT, Die Zeit, Le Monde and Scientific American. 2012 Sarah gave lectures in the United States at the University of Ann Arbor and at Goethe University, Frankfurt. 

AkzoNobel Art Foundation: the photographs about 'identity' and 'compassion' are beautiful and enduring projects that create consciousness using images that appeal directly to the eye. 

NRC:  'The book Inside Out/ portraits of transgender children primary contributes to understanding for the situation: for the deeply felt crisis of identity, the urgent need to be 'altered' and going to all ends for that.'

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Scientific American Mind, The New York Times, Le Monde, Die Zeit, Financial Times UK, NRC Handelsblad newspaper, KRO broadcasting, FD Dutch Financial Newspaper, KWF Dutch Cancer Society, Human Right Watch US, VUmc Hospital, Oranjefonds, Grand Valley State University US, University of Michigan US. 


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KWF Dutch Cancer Society

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